Need Help?

CNPLS operates on an application basis, using a variety of questionnaires to determine the most efficient way to assist our clients. With the exception of emergency applications, the attorneys’ meet on a weekly basis to review applications to determine whom we can assist and how we can best assist them.

Emergency cases will be reviewed immediately. An emergency means that you will lose an important right if we wait one week. If we can’t do anything immediately to protect your rights, we con’t take the case as an emergency. All legal problems are important to us, but very few are emergencies. 

We are divided into four law units, each supervised by a licensed staff attorney. Your application is color coded by case type, and assigned to a law unit. No application is denied until reviewed by the Executive Director. 

An online application will soon be available. Until that time, please visit our office in downtown Medford and pick up an application. 


Problem Type / Code

Divorce / 32
Paternity / 36
Name Change / 34
Adoption / 30
Child Custody / 31-C
Child Visitation / 31-V
Guardianship / 33

Consumer and Housing
Landlord-Tennant / 63
Real Property / 62
Collection-Repossession / 02
Consumer Purchase / 08
Miscellaneous Consumer and Housing / 99
Foreclosure / 06

Job-Employment / 29
Wage Claim / 22

Public Benefit
Medicaid-Medicare / 53
Unemployment Benefits / 76
Welfare (TANF) / 71
Disability-Social Security / 74
SSI / 75
Gov’t Benefits (other than disability) / 79

Immigration / 81

Wills / 95

Guardianship / 98

Due to limited resources, problems handled may be reduced.  We will make copies of any papers you have attached to your questionnaire. You may also write comments and explanations on the back of your questionnaire.

Unless we first tell you in writing, we are not handling your case.