How Can I Help?

Partnership for Justice Campaign

At a 1997 strategic planning retreat, the Legal Services Board realized it was time to look at ways to encourage greater sustainability. The goal was to lessen the feeling of insecurity each year when balancing the budget. After several years of thoughtful planning, Legal Services Board of Directors formed a leadership committee of distinguished members of the business and legal community and launched their “Partnership for Justice” Capital Campaign.

The Partnership For Justice Campaign has two primary goals. One is to make necessary interior and exterior capital improvements to our historic “Thomas Building” and retire the mortgage; the other is to completely fund the Jackson County’s Center for Non-Profit Legal Services Endowment Fund, which is managed and invested by the Oregon Community Foundation.
To date, the community has generously invested in our future. Thanks to gifts both large and small, we are in the process of installing a handicap-accessible elevator, we have restored the building façade, re-carpeted the offices, painted the interior, replaced the roof, and installed two heating and cooling systems.

This legacy of generosity shows the deep commitment our community shares for providing legal representation to those least able to afford it. We are grateful to those who have contributed.

With your help, the Partnership for Justice Campaign will raise the funds necessary to ensure the future financial stability of the Center for NonProfit Legal Services in the following ways:

  • By raising an additional $320,000 per year, we can bridge the salary and benefits gaps with the industry standards of other legal aid professionals in Oregon.
  • By investing in the Legal Education Assistance Fund, we will relieve the large student loan burden recently graduated lawyers have, thereby enabling them to serve the public interest with us.
  • By increasing community support and initiating legislation to create a statewide grant program we will stabilize funding for Public Guardian Programs and enhance the quality of life for the disabled and the elderly. We will ensure quality care and supervision of individuals unable to care for themselves or who have no family to assist them with personal and financial decisions.
  • By securing consistent funding for the Immigration Law Project, we will build its capacity for increasing the number of naturalized citizens who are able to contribute to the economy and build a stronger, safer, healthier society for all people.
  • By creating an endowment, we will ensure that there are long-term funds to support the services we offer.
  • By retiring our mortgage and improving the “Thomas Building”, we will keep this historic site beautiful and functional and improve our long-term financial standing.

The Building Fund

CNPLS is located in downtown Medford’s Historic District. In order to maintain the historic nature of the building, the Medford Urban Renewal Agency has given CNPLS a grant to support improvements to the facade. In addition, the Cheney Foundation and a City of Medford HUD Grant have supported the installation of a wheelchair lift to make the second story accessible. With this capital improvement project, CNPLS will improve access to its facility and make the appropriate accommodations to meet the spirit and legal requirements of the American with Disabilities Act.
By retiring the mortgage, CNPLS will be able to reduce its expenses, make progress toward sustainability and continue its capacity to provide services.

The Endowment Fund

Jackson County’s CNPLS Endowment Fund was established in 2004 in collaboration with the Oregon Access to Justice Endowment Fund and the Oregon Community Foundation. Your gift to the CNPLS Endowment fund helps affirm America’s ideals of democracy and helps fulfill its long-standing promise of fair treatment under the law. Access to Justice is fundamental to American values and to maintaining social stability.

How can I Donate?

Contributions to the “Partnership for Justice Campaign” can be made by cash or pledge, credit card, or transfer of stock.

Cash or Pledge

Make a cash contribution by check, or a pledge, to be made in monthly, quarterly or annual installments over one, two or three years. Checks should be payable to Center for Non-Profit Legal Services, Inc. and if you desire to designate how your contribution is to be used, write either “Building Fund” or “Endowment Fund” on the memo line of the check.

Credit Card

Contributions by credit card may be made by using either Visa or Mastercard. Call the Center for Non-Profit Legal Services, Inc. at 541-779-7292 and tell the receptionist that you wish to make a contribution by credit card.

Transfer of Stock

Transfer of stock of a value that you expect will be at least $500 should be made to the Center for Non-Profit Legal Services, Inc. through your account at your brokerage firm, and if you desire to designate how your contribution is to be used, instruct your broker to notify the Center for Non-Profit Legal Services, Inc. that your contribution is for either the “Building Fund” or the “Endowment Fund.”