Case Load

The following is a breakdown of our clients, graphed based on ethnicity:

Access to CNPLS is essential to the safety net of our community.  Safe and healthy communities are those that support attorneys who assist in breaking the cycle of poverty; stabilizing and strengthening families’ capacity to care for their children; fighting consumer fraud; obtaining safe and affordable housing; protecting elderly and vulnerable persons from abuse; enforcing civil laws; and assuring affordable access to civil justice, advocacy, intervention and representation.

CNPLS programs have always been the primary source of civil legal assistance available to low income Oregonians.  The need for legal structure in preventing or solving personal, family or financial was recognized “the greatest unmet community need” in Jackson County: Health and Human Services Needs Assessment Study, Chapter 7, page 51, March 1990.

The paramount result of our services is access to equal justice as a personal and societal benefit.  If the elderly and economically disadvantaged citizens of our community lose access to the justice system, they will lose their rights and community standards for fair play will deteriorate.  Because of the advocacy and representation of CNPLS, more than 1,200 low-income residents of Jackson County were able to access the justice system last year.