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Getting Needed Medical Services

Teenager “Lucy” needed urgent medical care during her pregnancy. Her baby was at high risk with a diagnosis of intra-uterine growth retardation. But, because of bureaucratic red tape, “Lucy’s” Medicaid application was rejected. With the help of CNPLS, “Lucy” successfully appealed her Medicaid rejection and received urgent obstetric care, delivering a healthy baby boy.

Citizenship: A Dream Come True

At 90 years of age, “Amelia” could no longer hear but always dreamt of spending her last years as an American citizen. CNPLS worked in conjunction with the Portland-based International Refugee Center of Oregon to get “Amelia” a special naturalization interview that took into account her age, limited English and her disability. By the strength of her personality, determination and pluck, “Amelia” passed her INS exam and joined her children, grand children and great-grandchildren in sharing a common American citizenship.

Abandoned by Daughter

“Renee”, in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, was abandoned in a Medford nursing home. The woman’s daughter placed her in the nursing home while she vacationed in Hawaii. Upon her return from vacation she decided to extend her mother’s stay at the facility indefinitely, writing bad checks in excess of $10,000 to cover the cost of her care.

“Renee” was facing eviction (something the facility wanted to avoid) when the Medford Police Department was contacted. The Jackson County Public Guardian Program run by CNPLS is now responsible for her. The daughter and her husband were jailed in July facing a list of charges including aggravated theft and criminal mistreatment, and the possibility of additional charges of fraud involving Social Security funds.

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