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Center for NonProfit Legal Services
A private, non-profit law firm serving Jackson county.
541-779-7291 for recorded application information
Fax: 541-779-7308

We are licensed lawyers and legal assistants. We handle non-criminal cases for eligible clients with a focus on elder and poverty law.
To fulfill its mission CNPLS is a private non-profit law firm, providing high quality legal representation to elderly and low-income residents of Jackson County.

Clients include individuals or families living at or below 125 percent of the federal poverty level and/or are over 60, who struggle with problems stemming from poor health care, inadequate education, a lack of food, a scarcity of jobs, domestic violence, and other life-and death survival issues.

Our goal is not to “win” cases, but to bring legal structure to social problems.
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Do you need legal help?

We operate on an application basis, using a variety of questionnaires to determine the most effective way to assist our clients.

The attorneys meet on a weekly basis to review applications to determine whom we can assist.
Begin the Application Process
* The details of your application are kept confidential.

Save the date for the annual Founders Breakfast

Tuesday May 2, 2023 at the Southern Oregon Historical Society
Thank you for your support through these events and your annual giving. As we head into year 51 we are confident that we can do even more to support the community we serve.


51st Founders Gala

Join us at our 50th Founder’s Gala!

Medford Food Co-op to support the Immigration Law Project again in January 2023

Our local food Co Ops are supporting CNPLS this September.

Founders Gala – 50th Anniversary

Join us at our 50th Founder’s Gala!

A Huge Thanks to the Rogue Valley Food Co-Ops

Rogue Valley Food Co-Ops donate over $5,000 to the Immigration Law Project!

Recognition from our local Co-Ops

Our local food Co Ops are supporting CNPLS this September.

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