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CNPLS operates on an application basis, using a variety of questionnaires to determine the most effective way to assist our clients. The attorneys meet on a weekly basis to review applications to determine whom we can assist.

We are divided into four law units, each supervised by a licensed staff attorney:

  • Housing/Consumer Law – Works to prevent homelessness and to maintain safe and affordable housing; to protect consumers from unlawful trade practice and predatory lending practices
  • Family Law – Provides peaceable means of resolving conflict, especially domestic violence, in families with minor children
  • Income Maintenance – Works to secure stable state and federal assistance and to secure fair and lawful treatment by government agencies
  • Individual Rights
    • Immigration Law Project assists with citizenship, status adjustment, farmworker rights, protects survivors of domestic violence, and crime with VAWA, T-Visa, and U-Visa self-petitions
    • Jackson County Public Guardian Program concentrates on protecting individuals and families with special needs
    • Protecting our Veterans provides access to employment helping with drivers license reinstatement and expungements.

Ready to get started?

Please call our recorded line for the most up-to-date information on eligibility and next steps in the application process:

To qualify for legal representation, you must be a resident of Jackson County and meet other eligibility requirements. Please call our recorded line before beginning an application.

To begin your application please phone 541-779-7292. Once questions are answered regarding your eligibility for services an application will be mailed by USPS or emailed to you.

At this time our offices are closed due to COVID restrictions; no in-person applications are currently available.

No application is denied until reviewed by the Executive Director. However, do not assume that submitting an application means we will handle your case. We are not handling your case unless we tell you in writing that we are.

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