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Resources For Family Law Litigants in Jackson County, Oregon

  • Legal Pleadings
    The Forms Center of the Oregon Judicial Department offers a wealth of do-it-yourself legal pleadings for unrepresented litigants with Family Law cases, including Divorce, Custody, Guardianships, Name Change, Protective Orders, Modification, Enforcement and more.
  • Visitation Supervisors
    When one parent needs to be supervised while spending time with the children.
    • Arleen Marie
      Medford, Oregon
    • Lynette Gonzalez
      Medford, Oregon
  • Parenting Time Coordinators
    Working with high-conflict parents to help resolve differences.
    • Deborah Padgett Coehlo
      Bend, Oregon
    • Kellie Prinz
      Bend, Oregon
    • Victoria Bones
      Also offering custody or PT evaluations for use in court.
      Medford, Oregon
  • Financial Mediation
    Couples with complex financial issues may benefit by having a private Mediator who can do a deep dive to suggest a comprehensive, equitable settlement.
    • Anderson Bradley Krant, PC
      Attorney Susan Krant
    • Frohnmayer, Deatherage, Jamieson, Moore, Armosino & McGovern, PC
      Attorney Bernie Moore
  • Alcohol Issues
    When using a breathalyzer at the exchanges is not enough
    • SoberLink
    • BACtrack
  • Mental Health Professionals offering various services
    • Dr. Jeff Lee
      Vancouver, Washington & Oregon City, Oregon
    • Dr. Wendy Bourg
      Portland, Oregon
  • Overcoming Substance Addiction
    • Addiction Recovery Center (ARC)
      Medford, Oregon
    • OnTrack Recovery Services
      Medford, Grants Pass, Cave Junction
    • Phoenix Counseling
      Phoenix, Oregon
  • Software For Parents In Conflict
    Offering various services such as messaging, calendars, expense tracking and more services, seeking to reduce negative interactions by enabling court review of everything. Some of these services are free and others will waive fees for individuals who qualify for a court fee waiver.
    • Cozi
    • Fayr
    • Talking Parents
    • Ali Mentor
    • 2 Hourse

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