Welcome to the Center for NonProfit Legal Services

Please join us May 2021 at our virtual Founders Breakfast!

Justice, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

During these unprecedented times, the attorneys and staff at the Center for NonProfit Legal Services have been at work every day solving problems and serving our community. This community relies on these remarkable attorneys and social justice advocates and annually honors one attorney who has shown remarkable committment to commit William’s vision of equal access to justice.

COVID Tenant-Landlord Guides & Resources

If you are having trouble paying your rent, relief may be available. Please take a look at these resources we have collected, or visit unitedway.org for more information.

COVID Renter Protections one-page
A concise 5-step guide for tenants to understand the eviction moratorium, next steps and where to seek assistance. 

SPANISH COVID Renter Protections one-page
The above 5-step guide in Spanish 

Southern Oregon Tenant-Landlord Rent Assistance Guide
This is a detailed guide for use primarily by regional social services agencies and others that are providing counseling and information for tenants and landlords.

SPANISH Southern Oregon Tenant-Landlord Rent Assistance Guide
Detailed guide in Spanish. 

COVID Rental Relief Flyer
Adapted from the ACCESS 2-pager. Spanish version pending. 

(CNPLS) was incorporated in 1972 to secure justice for and protect the rights of needy persons in Jackson County, so that such persons shall not, by reason of being in financial need, be denied equal protection of the law.  CNPLS provides crisis civil legal assistance to low income and elder residents of Jackson County who are experiencing problems in housing, public welfare, family dissolution, employment, immigration, and major life situations amenable to legal relief.

We are a private non-profit law firm; we are not a government agency.  We are licensed lawyers and legal assistants, specializing in elder and poverty law.  We handle non-criminal cases for eligible clients.  Our funding comes from you, the state and local bar associations, and private foundations, with some state and local government money.

Our lawyers, some of whom have been licensed to practice law for up to 30 years, are highly trained and expert with an 80% success rate.  Legal Services’ specialized practice allows attorneys to use a team approach to provide high quality representation while being cost effective and efficient.

CNPLS is the only professional service of its kind in Jackson County. We have resolved nearly 36,000 cases since our formation in 1972. Our success has been a direct result of dedicated staff, the private bar, local and state government, and co-operating community agencies. The vigorous advocacy of CNPLS’ attorneys together with our clients’ courage and convictions have helped create solutions that better the clients’ lives and those of their children. In addition, these resolutions often benefit the community. CNPLS has already had a direct impact statewide and nationally, with its work, some of which has resulted in landmark decisions.